weSKI INSIDER #8 – Mountain Tourism

“I climbed to Everest Base Camp to clear my mind. The landscape I was lucky enough to see is absolutely magnificent. The way mountain tourism is organized in Nepal is fabulous. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists choose to trek through the renowned Sagarmatha National Park and hike up to Everest Base Camp to experience the pure energy of this place.

If 15 years ago you had to stay in a tent and carry your supplies, today you can find dozens of ‘tea houses’ – a kind of shelter where you can sleep and recharge along the route.

The community benefits from tourism, and it is clear that the state is actively involved in the sustainable development of the area. Starting in 2022, you can no longer visit the park on your own; you must be accompanied by an authorized guide. Approximately every 5 km, you can find waste disposal points. The provisioning of refuges and waste collection is organized with donkeys, yaks, carriers, or even helicopters.

I am delighted to see that there are already multiple ‘environmental footprint’ programs in progress, and it is evident that measures are being taken against global warming.

The people here are so gentle, happy, and warm-hearted despite their poor economic situation. They may be poor on the outside, but on the inside, they are much richer than many of us. If you learn to embrace discomfort, comfort becomes very easy. We have so much to learn from their culture.

Our Carpathian Mountains are not much inferior to the Himalayas, and I hope that one day we will wake up and think long-term, developing tourism properly to give the next generation a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. The ‘Via Transilvanica‘ project initiated by the Ușeriu brothers is a first step that should give us hope.

I have filled my tank with positive energy and can’t wait to return home and share it with the weSKI community.”

Cristian Dunca – Administrator weSKI

More photos AICI.


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