We define the following terms as follows:

Experience – By this term, we refer to any of the experiences we offer that involve the use of a bicycle (classic or electric) rented from us, such as using it in our bike park or on a tour organized by us. The Experience that you want to benefit from is offered by WE RIDE ROMANIA operated under Nordica Turism S.R.L., located in Com. Dumbrăvița, DJ 691 KM 7 + 142, Offices building no. 1, second floor, Room 204, registered in the Timiș Trade Register under the no. J35/623/2011, identified for tax purposes by 7971825, legally represented by Dunca Romeo Cristian, hereinafter referred to as WRR.

Equipment – By this term, we refer to the bicycle (classic or electric) that you rent from us, but also to the equipment that we provide you with for its use, which consists of a helmet, goggles, armrests, knee pads, gloves, pants, T-shirt, and so on.

Each customer has an obligation to read the general conditions of use of the bicycles rented from us. These terms and conditions govern our contractual relationship for as long as you participate in any of the experiences we offer and from which you wish to benefit. If you are booking as a group representative, you are required to read this document and inform your group members of the conditions of this agreement. 

  1. The Beneficiary will use the rented equipment throughout the duration of the experience he wants to benefit from. 
  2. The rental price is notified either personally to the Beneficiary or displayed on our website. The price may vary depending on the period, time or activity booked. 
  3. Booking the bike for any of the experiences offered by us is done by filling in the related form found on our website. With the reservation of the equipment, the terms and conditions of use are brought to your attention. We remind you that you have an obligation to go through this document. 
  4. There may be situations where, for objective reasons, certain changes need to be made to your reservation. We reserve the right to always make these changes. We assure you that we will inform you in advance and that your experience will be affected as little as possible. 
  5. We may have to cancel your booked experience for reasons beyond our control, such as bad weather. We will try to offer you the desired experience on another day agreed with you. 
  6. If something has happened in your schedule and you are no longer able to participate in the Booked Experience, the cancellation is made by email to [email protected]
  7. The equipment is handed over at the place and time communicated to the Beneficiary after booking. The bicycle is handed over to the Beneficiary in perfect working condition together with the complete equipment consisting of a helmet, goggles, armrests, knee pads, pants, blouse, and protective gloves. 
  8. The Beneficiary has the obligation to return the equipment at the end of the activity in good and complete condition, as it was taken over. Or damage to the rented equipment will be borne by the Beneficiary. The Beneficiary will cover all costs necessary to repair or replace the bicycle when the damages caused are the result of his actions, even when they occur through fault. 
  9. Since activity involving bicycle use can generate significant risks, WRR assumes no liability whatsoever for participants who wish to benefit from these extreme experiences. WRR or WRR guides will not be held liable for any accident resulting in physical injury, property damage, loss, or destruction of your equipment.
  10. Each participant in the WRR experience must follow the rules imposed by the guide assigned to his group, constantly follow his instructions, and not deviate from the route practiced by all group members. 
  11. Experience involving the use of bicycles or electric bicycles requires a considerable level of stamina and experience. WRR participants must ensure that they have considerable experience and skills necessary to be able to benefit from the Experience in a comfortable and safe manner. WRR and WRR guides have the right not to allow participants to benefit from the reserved experience when they consider that the level of stamina, experience or skills are not sufficient to benefit from the experience in a safe manner. 
  12. Participants have the obligation to communicate any medical condition capable of influencing the way in which the participant can benefit from the experience and existing at the time of booking or that occurred after the time of booking. Otherwise, WRR reserves the right to cancel the respective booking if it finds that the respective participant does not meet the minimum conditions necessary to be able to enjoy the booked experience in a safe manner. 
  13. WRR reserves the right to produce photo and/or video materials made for the purpose of promoting the services we offer. In achieving this right, the images of WRR experience participants can be immortalized to be used in campaigns to promote the experiences offered by us. The participant reserves the obligation to assign @werideromania credit for the photo/video materials taken, used, and redistributed in the online or offline public space. By failing to comply with this obligation, the participant infringes the copyright on promotional materials that WRR creates, being directly responsible for the damages caused by using the photo/video materials without the right. The representative who reserves experience for a group of people shall ensure that the members of his group are aware of this information.
  14. If the Beneficiary does not want to be photographed or filmed during the experience, he will specify this when booking the experience. The WRR team values the privacy of each participant and will not use materials that encompass the image of the Beneficiary who does not want this. 
  15. The governing law of this report is Romanian law. Any dispute arising between the parties will be settled amicably. If the dispute is not settled amicably, the courts in Timis County will be competent.

This contract takes effect from the moment of booking the experience by the Beneficiary for the entire period necessary for the execution of the contract concluded between the parties. The general conditions of use of the equipment rented by WRR were brought to the attention of the Beneficiary when booking the experience by him.